Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome to our life!

Hello blogosphere,
I'm Dad.  Carina is Mom.  Emma is our daughter.  This blog is about us, the funny side of life here in our little world.  Let me give you an idea of what I mean:

Emma: (walking through Home Depot's plant section) C'mon, mom, let's go to the forest from China!

Emma: I like my room. It's so beautiful.
Carina: You like your room?
Emma: I like the planet!

Mike: (to Emma) It's time for the percolator!
Emma: That ryhmes with escalator.
Mike: What rhymes with escalator?
Emma: Penguins!

Mike: What did you do today, Emma?
Emma: I put Mary and Jofus in the stable.
Mike: You put Mary and Joseph in the stable?
Emma: Yes, Mary and Jofus.
Mike: Joseph, say jo.
Emma: Jo.
Mike: Say seph.
Emma: Seph.
Mike: Say Joseph.
Emma: Jofus.

Emma: I like the animal puzzle.  It's so soft, and so animal!

Emma: (Walks in to the office) Play with me, Daddy.  Play with me please.  You can stand on your hands.  You can hang by your knees!

Emma: Baby Santa misses his Mommy!
Carina: All your dolls have been abandoned by their parents.
Emma: Parents? What are parents?

Emma to a bird and penguin toy - Bird: I'm a bird, I can fly. Want to come fly with me, penguin? Penguin: I can't fly, Mr. Bird. I'm a penguin, and I have flippers instead of wings. I can swim! Would you like to come swim with me instead? (I really can't make this stuff up, she actually said all that)

Mike: Emma, is that your little Nativity house?
Emma: Yes! It's my titty house!

Mike: Carina, I called you three times, from 2 feet away and you never responded.
Carina: What?!? My phone never rang!
Mike: I used my voice. . .

This is our life, the funny bits. 



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