Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Phone Protocol

Mike had a late meeting today, so Emma and I had to start dinner without him.  We try to have dinner together as much as possible, so Mike "phoned in" from the road.  I put him on speaker so Emma, Mike, and I could still talk while having dinner. 

Emma:  I made a racecar today Daddy.
Mike:  You made a racecar today?
Emma:  Yeah, in school.
Mike:  Oh, that's great!  Can I see it when I get home?
Emma:  It doesn't have wheels.
Mike:  Oh.  Well that's ok.  Will you show it to me when I get home?
Emma:  No.  I left it at school.
Mike:  Oh.
Emma:  Ok bye.

Emma then tries to hang up on Mike.

Carina:  No!  Don't hang up on Daddy!
Emma:  Why?
Carina:  Because I'M not done talking to him yet.
Emma:  Oh.  After you're done, can I hang up on him?

Game On!

Emma has started playing video games by herself.  Her current favorite is Diego Safari Adventure. 

Carina:  Emma, it's time for dinner
Emma:  (no response)
Carina:  Emma?

Carina walks over to Emma's playroom, saves Emma's game, and holds her hand out to her.

Carina:  Emma, I said it's time for dinner.
Emma:  *sigh*  Ok.  I guess I'll have to save the elephants after dinner.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Potty Play

Carina:  (tucks Emma into bed)  Goodnight Emma.
Emma:  *whimper*
Carina:  What is it Emma?
Emma:  I have to potty.
Carina:  Are you serious?
Emma:  Yes.  I always have to go potty at night time.
Carina:  *sigh*  Alright, let's go.

After Emma is sitting on the potty a good long time...

Carina:  Are you done peeing?
Emma:  No.  It doesn't want to come out.  I think it's busy playing with the poop.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

J - O - P

Carina and I were discussing our groceries list today and this was Emma's addition to our list.
Emma: J - O - P!
Carina: What does that spell, Emma?
Emma: Chocolate Milk!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The dream told me to

Carina walks past the bottom of the stairs about an hour after we put Emma to bed and looks upstairs to see Emma playing with her My Little Pony at the top of the stairs.
Carina: You're out of bed!
Emma: Yes.
Carina: Why are you out of bed?
Emma: I had a dream.
Carina: And the dream told you to get out of bed and play with your My Little Ponies at the top of the stairs?
Emma: Yes.

Smokey the Bandit Emma

Emma:  Dad, can you help me eat my dinner?
Mike:  No Emma, you can do it yourself.
Emma:  But Dad, only you can...
Mike:  ...prevent forest fires?
Emma:  What Dad?
Mike:  Never mind.  It was a joke.
Emma:  Only you can prevent forest tires!
Mike:  (laughs)
Emma:  That was a joke!

My Tummy Says!

Emma:  (sitting at the dinner table, with an unfinished plate of food in front of her) Daddy, my tummy is full.
Mike: Oh really?
Emma: Yes.  My tummy is telling me not to eat any more.  My tummy is telling me it is time to play video games with you!