Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Socks

Emma:  There are no more trees.
Carina:  There are many trees outside Emma.
Emma:  There is no Christmas tree.
Carina:  Yes that's right.  There's no Christmas tree because it isn't Christmas time.
Emma:  There are no more presents?

Carina:  No, no more presents.
Emma:  At Bella's house?
Carina:  No, no presents, even at Bella's house.
Emma:  What about the socks?  (she gestures to the xmas stockings we still haven't put away)
Carina:  They're stockings Emma.  And no there aren't any presents in the stockings either.
Emma:  Stockings not socks?
Carina:  Yes, they're stockings.
Emma:  They look like socks.

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