Monday, January 17, 2011

Morning Glories

For those who don't know, Emma has a delightful tendency to pad softly into our room every morning without making a sound. Kinda creepy honestly when you roll over and your vision is full of two-year-old face and your daughter says funny things. It's never "good morning mommy" or "it's time to wake up". Instead she says things like,

"I have sheep!" or

"You have eyebrows mommy."

This morning I was awoken to:

"Hi, pleased to meet you."

I immediately came down stairs to write up this little gem, but you can all imagine how difficult it is to blog with a demanding two-year-old in the vicinity.

Emma has discovered that she loves my computer. She specifically likes to watch Nick Jr. on my computer. For whatever reason, she does not want to watch Nick Jr. on the television, or even Mike's computer. No, it has to be MY computer. So while trying to write this blog post and share Emma's funny comment with you this morning, I was hearing the following rotating diatribe: (I swear she actually said this, I can't make something like this up!)

"I've gotta use something here. Let's do it! I love you mom. Stop. I want to sit in your lap. Your computer is so beautiful." At which point she kept trying to lick my cheek to distract me.

Eventually she got me laughing so hard that I decided to cut this post short and acquiesce. I lost the battle for my computer this morning, but I won in so many more ways. How many people in this world get to wake up laughing every morning and continue getting laughs all day long. We are so blessed.

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