Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two Left Feet

Every night Emma gets a piggy-back-ride to bed.  She enjoys it so much that it makes bedtime so much more enticing for her.  Every night, Mike gives Emma a piggy-back-ride around the house saying goodnight to everything in sight.  "Goodnight stairs.  Goodnight dinosaurs.  Goodnight socks."

Tonight was no different, except for the hilarious exchange between Mike and Emma which went something like this.

Emma:  I want a piggy-back-ride.
Mike:  Alright, climb up for a piggy-back-ride.
Emma:  Will you hold my sheep?
Mike:  Yes, I'll hold your sheep.
Emma:  Will you grab my two left feet.
Mike:  (while laughing) Yes, I'll grab your two left feet.

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