Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nice Dinosaur

Emma: I'm a nice dinosaur!
Mike: Good!
Emma: What kind of dinosaur am I?
Mike: A nice dinosaur.
Emma: No, what kind of dinosaur?
Mike: Oh, umm... an Archaeopteryx. (It was the first to my mind because it was recently found to be NOT the first bird anymore)
Emma: But I can't fly!
Mike and Carina burst into laughter.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You have a what?

Emma: I have a zombie pony!
Mike: (Unsure I heard her correctly) You have a what?!?
Emma: A Zombie Pony!
Mike: Oh, of course you do.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Deep thoughts by Carina

Emma started sweeping the floor for fun today, and then later she called me "your majesty." Either I'm doing something very right or I'm doing something very wrong.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No, Turn Left!

So we have a GPS system in the car, mostly because Carina could get lost by turning around once. Seriously, ask her about it some time. It's pretty funny. Anyway, the GPS talks to us as we drive giving how far the next turn is, when we turn right or left, etc.  Emma has started mimicking the GPS and sounds remarkably like the voice at times.  She does the same thing when I use the voice activation feature on my phone while in the car.  Usually she justs repeats whatever the machine, or I, say. Today she changed the script.
GPS: In point three miles turn right.
Emma: In point three miles turn right.
GPS: In point two miles turn right.
Emma: In point two miles turn right.
GPS: Turn right:
Emma: NO! I want to turn left!

Bumblesweet, no Applejack

So Emma has been getting into My Little Pony lately, which it seems has made a resurgence since my sister loved them when she was somewhere around ten years old.  The new cartoon is one of Emma's favorite things to watch.  She even has a little My Little Pony plastic horse (a couple actually) and plays with them quite often.  Emma brought them in the car today, so we got the following little interaction.
Emma: (Holding up her little plastic horse) What is this horsey's name?
Carina: I don't know, let me look it up. (and Carina takes out her phone and researches the name of the My Little Pony Emma is holding)
Mike: (Having seen the show multiple times now, thanks to Emmas obsession) Isn't that Applejack?
Emma: Yes!
Carina: No, it's Bumblesweet.
Emma: It's what?
Carina: Bumblesweet.
Emma: I'm going to pretend that it's Applejack.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zebra what?

Emma: I'm hungry.
Carina: Would you like yogurt to eat?
Emma: No.
Carina: Would you like spaghetti?
Emma: No, I want different spaghetti.
Carina: What is different spaghetti?
Emma: Zebra spaghetti!
Mike: I've never heard of zebra spaghetti, Emma.
Emma: Well now you have!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Climbing up the basement stairs from a car ride yesterday Emma asks the following question.
Emma: What does miniscule mean?
Carina: Very small. Did you just ask me about the word miniscule?
Emma: Yes. What about the big rock word?
Carina: The big rock word? What word is that?
Emma: Enormous.
Carina: You ARE still only two years old right?
Emma: Yes.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cow Shoes

Emma:  What are those?
Mike:  Nuts.
Emma:  What kind of nuts?
Mike:  Cashews.
Emma:  Cow Shoes?!
Mike:  Not Cow Shoes!  Cashews!