Thursday, February 14, 2013


Emma: How do you spell "I Love You"?
Carina: Well I love you starts out with an I, then Love is spelled l o v.
Mike: E,     l o v e ...
Carina: Right.  Wow.

Essay Rewrite

Quote of the Day:
Student speaking to parent about my English class: So my English Teacher had us write an essay, then rewrite it, and then rewrite it again! UGGH!
Parent: I like this teacher. Glad I didn't have him...

Sad Song

Emma: This song makes me sad.
Theresa: Why?
Emma: It reminds me of someone I'm going to marry some day.
Theresa: Who?
Emma (wistfully): I don't remember, but I love him very much.

Somebody's been watching too much Disney. I mean, that's so sweet!