Monday, January 17, 2011

Ready for my closeup mommy

In my last post, I shared a funny little picture of Emma with her tongue sticking out. It was of course a planned shot. I pulled up Photo Booth (a little Mac program for those who don't know) and told Emma to look at the green light (the camera in my monitor) and stick her tongue out. The result was adorable and perfectly suited for the post.

I then posted what I wrote and proceeded to turn Nick Jr. on for Emma, the reason why the post had to end in the first place. When I asked her what she wanted to see, she said, "the Emma song."

It took me a few tries to understand that she had changed her mind. She no longer wanted to see Nick Jr. She instead wanted to see herself. She wanted to shoot another video. In order to push her point home, she began singing her entire repertoire in my ear (as if auditioning) while I argued with her to please just watch Nick Jr. instead so I could go and have some breakfast. In the space of those few minutes between posting my last entry and opening up a new tab for Nick Jr., I heard Jingle Bells and Row, Row, Row Your Boat, complete with her now famous line, "What's that word? I don't got that word."

For those who have yet to be introduced to that famous line, check out our latest video:

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