Saturday, November 26, 2011


Emma:  I want a sandwich.

Carina:  We don't have any more of the kind of cheese you like Emma.  All we have is provolone.

Emma:  Provolone?

Carina:  Yeah, you wanna try it?

Emma:  Ok....mmmm that's yummy.

Carina:  Ok, I'll make you a sandwich then.

Mike:  I'll go food shopping and get her some more regular cheese.

Emma:  Can I have more circle cheese?

Carina:  HAH!  Did she just called it circle cheese?

Mike:  Yes she did.  Emma, it's not called circle cheese.  It's called Pro-vo-lone.

Emma:  Mommy needs to be alone, not Prov alone!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Emma's First Pun

Emma: I just yawned two times. That means I'm two tired.

(We burst out laughing at this.

Emma: Why are you laughing at me?

Carina: We're not laughing at you Emma, we're laughing with you. That was a funny joke!

Emma: That wasn't a joke! It doesn't mean I'm funny. It means I'm mad!


Emma and I had the following conversation first thing this morning...

Emma:  Mommy, you forgot to dress me!  (Pointing at her P.J.'s).

Carina:  Emma, you just got up.  I just haven't changed you into your clothes yet.  That's all.

Emma:  Where are your pajamas mommy?

Carina:  I don't wear pajamas honey.

Emma:  Why?

Carina:  Because I think it's more comfortable not to wear clothing when I'm sleeping.

Emma:  Did you like to wear pajamas when you were a kid?

Carina:  Yes, I did wear pajamas when I was a kid.

Emma:  When I get married can I not wear pajamas too?

Carina:  Lol.  Yes Emma, when you're married, you don't have to wear pajamas either.

Emma:  And then I can get a jewel to wear?  (That's what she calls my diamond ring).

Carina:  Yes, then you can get a jewel.

Emma:  How do I get married?

Carina:  You will ask someone someday or they will ask you.  And then one of you will say yes.

Emma:  I want to be married and wear no pajamas and just jewels!

I thought this conversation was just adorable due to its simplicity, and then it hit me.  My daughter thinks that marriage is about being naked and wearing jewels.  Obviously marriage is more than that, but it's a wonderful image and I'm not displeased that my daughter views our marriage that way.  What a luxurious perspective!  I hope that one day she is as lucky as I am and finds someone that makes her feel like that too.  Like you've just woken up in bed and covered in nothing but diamonds.  Blessings feel that way sometimes and I sure have a lot of them. 

I love you Mike.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011


Daddy:  What are you drawing there, Emma?

Carina:  She's practicing the letter F.


Leg Fetch!

Emma was playing fetch with Zen and River today.  She would take the ball they brought her and throw it high in the air, which the dogs loved! They would go leaping dramatically after it, then give it back to her so she could throw it again for them.  It's this wonderful symbiotic relationship I had always hoped that my kids could have with their pets.  However today Zen's leg was itchy and he stopped mid fetch to bite at it, which prompted the following comment from Emma.

Emma: Why is he eating his leg?

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Paper

Emma: (Looking into the toilet as she prepares to go potty) What's that?
Mike: I don't know. (Looking into the toilet and seeing what seemed to be a wrapper for a medicine bottle)
Emma: I think it's a paper.
Mike: Yes, I guess it is.
Emma: (With an impish grin) I'm going to pee on the paper!
Then she did, and giggled.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Little Bottom

Ma B:  There.  You are all dressed.  Those pants are very nice!

Emma:  Yes indeed.  And they are attached to my nice little bottom.