Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Problems

While trying to pull out a shirt to wear tomorrow, the hanger which held the shirt snapped in two.  This is because my closet is so stuffed with clothing I can barely fit anything in or out of it.  At first, I grew annoyed, but then I realized, what a wonderful problem it is to have so many clothes the hangers break when you try to pull them out of your closet.

This got me thinking about good problems, like downsizing to a smaller house so there's less to clean.  Or that your house is so nice and cozy all the stink bugs in the county want to live there too.

So next time you grumble and gripe about something, think about what would happen if you couldn't have that problem anymore.  I have to leave for now.  I have to shave....because I actually have a job to go to in the morning....

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