Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Continuing Hyjinks of Google Voice Messages

I have Google Voice.  It's a pretty cool service that sends you a text of any voicemail you get.  As a teacher I can't listen to my messages at school, but taking a peek at a text in between classes is easier.  So it's useful.  However it's not perfected yet.  For example, one message I got from Carina asking me to buy eggs on the way home in the message from Google Voice the message looked like this:

Hi Honey, I need you to pick up the phone for 2 weeks so we're not terrorists, hello, thanks bye.

The real messages for these transcriptions are lost but the messages themselves survive.

Another example: And. If you get a chance give me a favor. Before we get home and Creole ever going to bed. So that we can just pick up the mattress put down a box spring for the motorcycle. Thanks. Bye.

Example #3: Hey it's me I am that way, and so if you need anything just fax me a quick whatever. If you need. Okay love you bye 

Example #4: Hey, This is J. F. K give me your number and notified me that you are on your way with red house. It's so if you guys so I don't know. I just got out of work. I have public that the driving out of me. So someone should be there. If you could be there. I will see you guys soon. Bye, bye.

Example #5: Hey Carina. It's Mike, It is 407. I had crying out that my parents. I'm going to be here somewhere around and we're having Cheney, so you may not have much time to July when you get home. Just so you know. Alright, I hope that this is a problem. Give me a call if it is so I can tell them the different road. Okay, I'll be ordering trainees. If you want something different normal news. Gimme a call as well. Alright. Goodbye.

Example #6: Hey Honey, It's Mike, I just talked to my dad. He's gonna go in. Bye feed the dogs well. Lease deed them cable and let them run for of it so you can head straight to me. Alright, so I'll see you at Americans tonight. Love you bye.

This is what I got this morning:
This is message from the Old Bridge public school district Honeywell instant alert system. Yeah, dueto in Clement weather Old Bridge public schools will be closed today. Wednesday, hey larry secondyo 1,011. Yeah rest want to acknowledge this call, or start to repeat this message. Yank you.Goodbye. 


  1. I literally was brought to tears from laughing so hard. I couldn't even read it aloud to Greg, because every time I tried I just laughed and cried harder.