Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Emma:  Mommy, can you draw me a flower?
Carina:  Aw Emma, I'm no good at drawing.
Emma:  Please?
Carina:  Alright.

(I start to draw a flower).

Emma:  No Mommy, down here.

(I draw lower).

Emma:  No Mommy, over here.

(I finally draw the flowers to her specifications.

Emma:  Now make a rainbow.

(I start to draw a rainbow).

Emma:  No Mommy, over here.  Over here!

(I draw the rainbow where she says).

Emma:  Mommy, now draw a sun.
Carina:  Can I draw the sun over here?
Emma:  No, over here.

(I draw the sun where she says.)

Emma:  That's pretty Mommy, but it's missing one.

(She points to the rays of sunshine I had drawn off the sun.)

Carina:  Are you serious?  You have a specific number of rays of sunshine you need on your sun?  Forget this.  You can draw it yourself.

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