Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Princess & The Adventure by Emma

Mike suggested that we shoot a movie with Emma this summer.  Emma wrote the movie, and here is the result!

The story stars Princess Ella and her mother, Queen Cleana.  The Princess is bored and has decided she wants to try adventuring for the first time.  She convinces her mother and they set off.

The first time they leave they forget food and have to turn back.

The second time they have food, but forgot to change their clothes.

The third time they have the right clothes, but lost the food on their way home the last time!

The food is found by the evil magic lion who gobbles it all up, gets the scent of the princess, and tracks her down.

He finds her looking for the food in the forest and chases the queen and the princess all the way back home.

They both decide that that is enough adventuring for the day!

Enjoy.  Apologies, we are rather hard to hear...


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  2. I was on the edge of my seat. What a great movie. I watched it over and over. I am so glad there was a happy ending. Princess Ella was my favorite. I thought the lion was scary.