Monday, August 5, 2013

Acting Like a Beautiful Fairy Princess in the Forest

This girl is "a barrel of fun pretty," according to Emma.
Emma and I had just gotten out of the shower and she was getting dressed...

Emma:  Mom, did you get me socks?

Carina:  No.

Emma:  Hmph!

Carina:  (with a stern look) You can get them yourself.

Emma:  Ok mommy.

Carina:  Thank you for being a good girl Emma.  I love it when you act like a good girl with a good attitude.

Emma:  Yeah, like being a beautiful princess.  

Carina:  Yes, like a beautiful princess.

Emma:  That's a fairy in the forest.

Carina:  Like a fairy in the forest.

Emma:  Like galloping shoes...

Carina:  What?

Emma:  Like on the ranch...

Carina:  Emma, what are you talking about?   

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