Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flashlights, Galoshes, and Family!

I was looking through my pictures and realized that August 22nd was quite an exciting day...

It started with an enormous dragonfly visit, while brushing our teeth.

Then a storm hit and we lost power.  Nothing like breakfast by candlelight!

You can never have too many candles, according to Emma.

Without electricity, we put candles around the tropical fish tank to keep them warm.

I am batman!  (Zen by flashlight...)

I'm not afraid of the dark!  (River by flashlight...)

Zen, guarding Emma in the dark.

Eventually the sun came out, but with no iPad or backyard...the kids got restless.

Time to hit Alstede farm and do some puddle jumping!

Yay, we have power!  Time for dirty laundry leaping!

For a day without power, we sure did a lot.  It's always nice to be reminded about the things that really matter:  flashlights, galoshes, and family!

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