Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's the Thought that Counts

Image picked by Emma.
Emma:  Is Christmas about caring?

Carina:  (laugh)  Yes, Christmas is about caring.  On Christmas, we show each other that we care.  Where did you hear that?

Emma:  I don't know.  My brain?  But what about the presents?

Carina:  Well, on Christmas we give each other presents.  One day, you'll be able to give us presents.

Emma:  Eh?

Carina:  Yeah, you can pick your own presents that you want to give to people.  I can help you with that if you want.  Who do you want to give presents to?

Emma:  Bella!

Carina:  And what would you want to get her?

Emma:  Uh, she needs earrings because she lost her baby squid earring, so she needs a new one.  We can go to Wegmans and get earrings in the jewelry section of Wegmans.

Carina:  (laugh)  Ok, yes, we can do that.  Who else?  What would you want to get Bello?

Emma:  A tool.  Because he works a lot.  A tool that will help him paint tables.

Carina:  So you want to get him a brush?

Emma:  No!  Not a brush!  He has brushes.  He needs a tool that will dry the paint for him so he doesn't have to wait while the paint dries.

Carina:  Wow.  That's so very thoughtful Emma.  Ok, how about Grammy?

Emma:  Heart earrings.  Yeah, heart earrings.

Carina:  Uncle Sammy?

Emma:  I don't know Uncle Sammy that well.  What does he like?

Carina:  What do you think?

Emma:  Well...he likes me...

Carina:  So, you want to give him a picture of yourself?

Emma:  No, I want to get him a crown.  A toy boy crown.

Carina:  (laugh) about Daddy?

Emma:  Daddy needs a tool too.  A wrench!  Not a screwdriver.  He already has a screwdriver.  Oh, and Miles!  I want to get Miles a super-fly-high helicopter!

I just loved how honest and thoughtful all of her responses were.  Obviously some of these gifts aren't possible, or are things you already have.  I just thought I'd share because - after all - it's the thought that counts.

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