Monday, August 20, 2012


Things my daughter drew tonight:

A giant surfboard so that everyone in the entire world can surf on it.

A two giant surfboard so that Emma and Miles can surf.

A surfboard contraption (her words).

A water holder machine with an on and off button.

A duck that really looked like a duck.

A Lotdog with legs like a doggy and a hotdog on it's back. (said like hotdog)

A man digger contraption.

A Seven-eyed eye grabber that picks eyes off your glasses so a new eye can grow in.

The cells in her body trying to get rid of the cheese and dairy. (She was stuffed up last night and we
told her it was probably because of the food she ate)

A none-eye fanner (No idea) with two faces that have eyes.

A giant duckling.

A none-eye Snake with four eyes so little that you can't see them, and they just need some glasses.

A dragon-face body with wings from a pegasus.

A cell-lady. (It actually looked like a cell too, but with a smiling face.)

A dog with three legs and a pegasus.

A fruit painter and a door for the fruit painter's house with a smiley face.

Three silly bags of food.

A flan and a flish.

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