Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Phone Protocol

Mike had a late meeting today, so Emma and I had to start dinner without him.  We try to have dinner together as much as possible, so Mike "phoned in" from the road.  I put him on speaker so Emma, Mike, and I could still talk while having dinner. 

Emma:  I made a racecar today Daddy.
Mike:  You made a racecar today?
Emma:  Yeah, in school.
Mike:  Oh, that's great!  Can I see it when I get home?
Emma:  It doesn't have wheels.
Mike:  Oh.  Well that's ok.  Will you show it to me when I get home?
Emma:  No.  I left it at school.
Mike:  Oh.
Emma:  Ok bye.

Emma then tries to hang up on Mike.

Carina:  No!  Don't hang up on Daddy!
Emma:  Why?
Carina:  Because I'M not done talking to him yet.
Emma:  Oh.  After you're done, can I hang up on him?

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