Thursday, November 24, 2011


Emma and I had the following conversation first thing this morning...

Emma:  Mommy, you forgot to dress me!  (Pointing at her P.J.'s).

Carina:  Emma, you just got up.  I just haven't changed you into your clothes yet.  That's all.

Emma:  Where are your pajamas mommy?

Carina:  I don't wear pajamas honey.

Emma:  Why?

Carina:  Because I think it's more comfortable not to wear clothing when I'm sleeping.

Emma:  Did you like to wear pajamas when you were a kid?

Carina:  Yes, I did wear pajamas when I was a kid.

Emma:  When I get married can I not wear pajamas too?

Carina:  Lol.  Yes Emma, when you're married, you don't have to wear pajamas either.

Emma:  And then I can get a jewel to wear?  (That's what she calls my diamond ring).

Carina:  Yes, then you can get a jewel.

Emma:  How do I get married?

Carina:  You will ask someone someday or they will ask you.  And then one of you will say yes.

Emma:  I want to be married and wear no pajamas and just jewels!

I thought this conversation was just adorable due to its simplicity, and then it hit me.  My daughter thinks that marriage is about being naked and wearing jewels.  Obviously marriage is more than that, but it's a wonderful image and I'm not displeased that my daughter views our marriage that way.  What a luxurious perspective!  I hope that one day she is as lucky as I am and finds someone that makes her feel like that too.  Like you've just woken up in bed and covered in nothing but diamonds.  Blessings feel that way sometimes and I sure have a lot of them. 

I love you Mike.

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  1. Naked, and nothing but jewels.

    Eventually, when she's older, remind me to get her the Barsoom novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Cuz, well, that's what the women wear: Jewels. And nothing else. The men wear weapons. And nothing else.