Saturday, August 6, 2011

Halloween Thighs

Carina:  Oh!  Mike!  You should totally be Aang for Halloween this year!

Mike:  Oh my god, I love that idea so much I'm going to start looking for costumes right now.

Carina:  If you're Aang I can totally pull off Toph.

Mike:  (after searching a bit) Hey, I could also pull off Ken from Street Fighter.  I already have the red gi.

Carina:  If you do Ken, I'll do Chun Li.  Now that I've lost some weight, I'd be ok doing the costume where her massive thighs stick out.  (Carina looks at a picture of Chun Li and then looks down at herself.)  Actually, now that I think about it, my thighs are kind of small to pull off Chun Li.

Mike:  Carina, EVERYBODY'S THIGHS are too small to pull of Chun Li!  400 pound women don't have thighs big enough to pull off Chun Li.

Carina:  (I have the best husband ever!)  So then if you're Aang, and I'm Toph, then what would Emma be?

Mike:  Appa!

Carina:  No, we should make Zen, Appa.

Mike:  He would totally let us add another fake leg and be moping around the house with the outfit.

Carina:  Yeah, Emma should be Momo!

Mike:  Do they have little kid Momo outfits?  I doubt it.

Carina:  Yes they do!

Mike:  Hmmmm...we're going to have to have a Halloween Party this year, just so we can wear these outfits.

Carina:  And if we go to those cons like the crazy people, we can wear them year round!


  1. As one of the crazy people, I highly approve!

  2. If you need any help, I'm an experienced costumer. I can provide reference material if needed. Sounds like a lot of fun.