Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bumblesweet, no Applejack

So Emma has been getting into My Little Pony lately, which it seems has made a resurgence since my sister loved them when she was somewhere around ten years old.  The new cartoon is one of Emma's favorite things to watch.  She even has a little My Little Pony plastic horse (a couple actually) and plays with them quite often.  Emma brought them in the car today, so we got the following little interaction.
Emma: (Holding up her little plastic horse) What is this horsey's name?
Carina: I don't know, let me look it up. (and Carina takes out her phone and researches the name of the My Little Pony Emma is holding)
Mike: (Having seen the show multiple times now, thanks to Emmas obsession) Isn't that Applejack?
Emma: Yes!
Carina: No, it's Bumblesweet.
Emma: It's what?
Carina: Bumblesweet.
Emma: I'm going to pretend that it's Applejack.

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