Thursday, June 23, 2011


Emma:  (pounds on Carina and Mike's bedroom door)  Mommy, wake uuuuuuuup!
Carina:  (puts pillow back on head and rolls over)
Emma:  (continues to pound on the door and then suddenly just...stops)
Carina:  (sits up, listening intently because a quiet child is a trouble-making child)
Emma:  (stops banging on the door, but seems to be mumbling something quietly)
Carina:  (opens the door and looks down at Emma)
Emma:  It worked!
Carina:  What worked?
Emma:  My magic word!
Carina:  What magic word?  Huh?
Emma:  My magic word to wake you up!
Carina:  What word is that?
Emma:  Thenzer!
Carina:  Thenzer.
Emma:  (while waving her arms dramatically) Theeeeeeennnnnnnzzzzzzeeeeeeerrrr

1 comment:

  1. I don't think this diminishes your feeling that trouble was afoot. She's a handful already without knowing magic! ;)