Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shaken Not Stirred

Lately, I've been making shakes in the morning for breakfast.  The concept of the blender is new to Emma and she doesn't like it because it's so loud.  Every morning I use the blender and every morning she runs out of the kitchen with her hands over her ears.  The she comes back in the room and asks...

Emma:  What's that?
Carina:  A shake

After which she goes about her day looking rather perplexed.  Finally, the other morning she walks into the kitchen after I'd made my shake and we had the following conversation:

Emma:  Mommy, what that's?
Carina:  It's a shake Emma.
Emma:  Are you shaking yet?  (After which she proceeds to vibrate around the kitchen kind of like an over-caffeinated belly dancer.)
Carina:  (laugh)  No Emma, it's called a shake because you make it by shaking it, not because it gives you the shakes!
Emma:  Oh (She says dejectedly.  I think she was hoping I had created a drink that would make her shake.  I guess she hasn't heard yet about coffee...)

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