Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crude Awakening

Have you ever had one of those mornings where, for whatever reason you just


Well that's what this morning was like for me.  I had a full night's sleep, but I was just exhausted.  As usual, Emma tip toed into my bedroom to wake me.  I tried to shake it off, but I just couldn't lift my head from the pillow.  I asked her to go downstairs and bring up some juice and a cereal bar so she could have something to eat and drink while I continued fighting to stay awake.

Emma dutifully went downstairs and came right back up with the entire box of cereal bars and some juice.  I guess she was hungrier than normal.  I gave her the food and then promptly fell back to sleep.  Emma entertained herself by playing legos on the bedroom floor.

After she was done eating, she gently woke me again, but this time to tell me that she was cold.  I felt like such a bad mom lol.  Here she was being so sweet and quiet so I could get a few extra minutes of sleep and she was cold!  But I still couldn't snap out of it.  We'd recently done laundry, so I told her to go ahead and grab a sweater from the pile in my bedroom.

Emma:  Here you go Mommy.
Carina:  Emma, that turtleneck doesn't fit you anymore hun.  Go grab another sweater.
Emma:  I found one Mommy.
Carina:  Emma, those are sweatpants.  You need a sweater.
Emma:  Here you go Mommy.
Carina:  Emma that's another turtleneck.  You need a sweater that opens at the front like a jacket.
Emma:  Here Mommy.  This will fit my big head.
Carina:  Emma, that's Daddy's t-shirt.  You need to find YOUR shirt.
Emma:  Ok Mommy, here's clothes.
Carina:  Emma, is that a sweater.
Emma:  No, these are jeans.
Carina:  Go find a sweater.

Emma leaves for a bit and I nod off to sleep once again.

Emma:  Mommy, I brought you a game.
Carina:  That's not a game Emma.  That's something Daddy wears.

She had brought me a box of condoms!  I have no idea where she found them, but it was so funny it successfully woke me.  Talk about a crude awakening!  I have the best kid ever.

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